Stock Split Notice


Notice Of A Forward Stock Split Of

Waterblocks Common Stock

Stock Split Announcement

 Locking Line Barriers Corporation




WaterBlocks (the “Company”) is announcing that its Board of Directors has declared a split of all issued and outstanding Common Stock shares, in lieu of “perks”, in accordance with the schedule below, effective December 31, 2021 11:59pm PST.  The stock split will be in the form of a non-dividend split as the company is a pre-revenue startup with no retained earnings.  No change in the proportional ownership represented by the shares shall occur.

Class B (non-voting) Common Stock will continue to be offered unchanged with the exception of the termination of the original perks offered therein, and removed, in consideration of this stock split.

Preferred Series 1 Stock which includes a conversion to Class A shares will continue to be offered and adjusted accordingly at the time of conversion.

Stock Split Schedule:

Class B (non-voting) shares of Common Stock shall be split as follows:


Class A (voting) shares of Common Stock shall be split as follows:

Preferred Series 1 shares issued on or before 12/31/21 shall include the within the Conversion rights to Class A shares, said SPLIT SHARES which shall be included upon conversion as follows;



Download Split Notice Here: LLB-Stock-Split-Notice.pdf (250 downloads )