Letter From CEO – Stock Split

Locking Line Barriers Corporation

Notice to Shareholders


Dear Investor Team:

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that we would have 1300+ shareholders onboard, supporting our efforts to pursue our mission to help save lives, communities and our environment.  You all are incredible!  Each and every one of you, including our Board of Directors, and over 30+ Board Advisors, have been so helpful and supportive during the 2020 pandemic followed by the 2021 economic recovery challenges and hurdles.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

When we launched a crowdfunding offering, pre-pandemic, it included perks for investors that were well-received, and to be fulfilled upon the closing of the offering.  The perks consisted of gift cards for dining, and weekend hotel stays in Las Vegas and Denver.  These perks lost their glamour at the onset of the pandemic and could not readily be used by our many foreign investors.  We need to amend our offering to eliminate these perks (for future investors), while providing our 1300+ current investors with value in exchange for the promised perks.  One of our biggest issues to address is whether our investors now find the promised perks as stated in the offering disclosure rewarding, considering ‘travel and mask mandates,’ etc.

After a great deal of thought, my proposed solution is to utilize a Common Stock split in lieu of the original perks for all shareholders.

I am pleased to inform you that the majority of the Class A shareholders and the Board of Directors of WaterBlocks have authorized the Issued Common Stock of the corporation be split as described fully in the notice below.  This decision reaffirms our commitment to building shareholder value.  We hope everyone on our Investor Team finds this decision and solution both fair and rewarding. If you prefer to keep your perk instead of the additional shares resulting from the stock split, please reach out to me at CEO@WaterBlocks.net directly so we can accommodate your wishes.

For each share of stock held as of December 31, 2021, you will receive additional Book Entry Share(s) in your Colonial account in accordance with the schedule below. To use the latest technologies to serve you better, the additional shares are being issued in “book entry” form, without stock certificates. Your new shares are being registered on the books of the Corporation maintained by Colonial Stock Transfer Company, our transfer agent and registrar, and added to the shares in your individual account accordingly. You will not receive a stock certificate unless you request it from the Registrar.

Those of you holding Printed Stock Certificates, they are still valid and should not be destroyed or exchanged. Such certificates will continue to represent the same number of shares as shown on their face and should be kept in a secure place, such as a safe deposit box.  Split-Shares can be reviewed in your account with our Registrar.  Printed Certificates are available through our Registrar.

The stock split will not change your percentage of ownership in the Corporation in and of itself and should not be subject to United States federal income tax.  This should not be construed as tax advice and you are encouraged to consult your tax advisor with any questions you may have regarding the tax consequences of the split.

The question, “can you purchase additional shares prior to the split?”  Yes, at TruCrowd, and the ‘10% Perk’ offered right now will be added automatically, i.e. you purchase 100 shares on or before 12/31 you will receive 110 shares added to your account and these shares will be included in the split.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season!

Please accept my thanks and gratitude to each of you personally for your patience, fortitude, and continued support, because together we will complete our mission sooner than later.

My warmest regards,

Joe Daniluk,


P.S. Colonial Stock Transfer has a team dedicated to helping shareholders with their account. Feel free to reach out directly to shareholders@colonialstock.com or (801) 355-5740.

Download the Full Letter Here: LLB-Stock-LTR-Sharehoders-Update.pdf (167 downloads)